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    The Global Observatory of Transnational Criminal Networks is a transdisciplinary non-profit initiative, designed and installed by Vortex Foundation, and supported by public and private funding, that defines the protocols to visualize, understand and disseminate information about criminal networks through disruptive methodologies and innovative storytelling, across the judicial, scientific and media communities.  


    Although several observatories of crime exist worldwide, this will be the first initiative to actually visualize the real structure of crime, facilitating the transnational communication across communities interested on causes and effects of crime around the world. 


    Defining the protocols for researching, visualizing and informing about the structure, causes and effects of global criminal networks. 


    1. Funding research projects to visualize and understand the structure of domestic and transnational criminal networks. 

    2. Through the analysis of additional cases, feeding information into the Criminal Aura Graph to visualize and reveal the transnational flow of trafficked resources. 

    3. Publishing visualizations, research reports, policy papers and data about the structure of domestic and transnational criminal networks. 

    4. Promoting discussions and workshops for understanding the structure and threats imposed by criminal networks worldwide